Cures for Heartburn

By | April 7, 2014

When it comes to the cures for heartburn, people usually opt for the natural solutions. However, there are also over-the-counter medications available such as antacids. If you are not sure which of the options to choose, you should read further to know more about the available treatments.

cures for heartburn


Heartburn is a burning sensation that you will feel when the stomach acid is pushed up into the esophagus. It can be caused by hasty or excess eating and if you lie down right after meals. You are more likely to have heartburn after consuming citrusy fruits, caffeinated food and beverages as well as certain spicy food. In addition, certain people are more prone to have heartburn attacks, including pregnant women, asthmatic patients, and diabetics.

Cures for heartburn


You can take over-the-counter medications in tablet, liquid and other forms to help neutralize the acid in your stomach. The medications will create a layer to prevent the acid from going up to the esophagus.

Prescription medications are also available for severe, chronic or persistent cases. Your doctor will recommend the best one for your heartburn symptom. It is important to note that the prescription medicines usually come with side effects such as constipation, restlessness and bone pains. Some antacids will also drain the vital minerals such as potassium from your body and cause more problems. This is why most people choose the natural cures which are free of adverse side effects.

Natural Solutions:

These are usually cures that you can find in your garden, kitchen or the grocery store. Ginger is often used to cure heartburn naturally. It can help to reduce nausea and relieve your upset stomach.

Peppermint oil or tea is one of the well-known natural cures. It will help to soothe or calm the burning sensation. However, you have to be careful when using the peppermint oil because it can increase blood pressure levels.

Chamomile is another known cure and it is usually a top favorite. Not only can chamomile helps to cure your heartburn and stomach ailments, but it also aids in relaxing the mind and body. You can get good relief from chamomile, especially for painful heartburn during the night.

Plain baking soda is one of the other popular remedies for heartburn. Baking soda can neutralize the acidic substances inside the stomach. It will come in very handy when you have sudden bouts of heartburn attack and you are not able to buy antacid or other medications at the pharmacy.

These are well-known natural cures for heartburn that everyone can use because they have no adverse side effects. It is best to use them for mild heartburn cases. However, it would be a good idea to consult your doctor if you are experiencing severe heartburn symptoms.

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