Average Salary of a Medical Assistant

By | October 5, 2014

What does the term MEDICAL ASSISTANT imply?

Medical assistant is one who performs several administrative or clinical tasks under the specialists such as giving medicines, injections, keeping medical records, taking laboratory tests, handling several medical instruments etc. If you are thinking of choosing medical assistant as your career then definitely you can choose this because it is really a successful career path.

average salary of a medical assistant

Mention some benefits of Medical assistant

Some benefits of choosing medical assistant as a career are as follows:

  1. Free healthcare facility
  2. Educational benefits
  3. Sick leave for specified days
  4. Insurance facility
  5. Payment of pension after retirement.
  6. Holidays

What is the average salary of a medical assistant?

General survey of average salary for the medical assistant

Average salary of medical assistant depends on various factors such as location, reputation, experience, level of efficiency and size of practice etc. If we talk about as a whole then as per national survey the gross average salary of medical assistants who are certified in US is minimum $28000 and the gross average salary of medical assistant who are not certified in US is minimum $27911. It was also found that the assistants who are certified get 4% more earnings than the assistants who are not certified. Average salary of a medical assistant was $14.94 per hour if working for full time and $9.00 per hour if working for half time. Leaving this some exceptional cases are there, they are:

  • Assistant having efficient knowledge: Assistant who is certified and having sharp knowledge with efficient skill level gets more than $14.94 per hour that is $22.95 per hour
  • Overtime: Assistant also gets more than the normal payment due to overtime. Overtime is calculated with some specified rate of percentage that is if the assistant works for 2 hours extra then the rate of percentage will be 5% which will be added with the total payment.

In 2004 the average working salary of medical assistant was $27591 but now in the year 2014 there is a huge rise in percentage as compared to 2004 that is near about 30.08%.

Some amazing facts

Overall average salary of medical assistant is increasing day by day due to the increase in number of hospitals, clinics, chambers and doctors as well and all these requires huge number of medical assistants. And do you know who is responsible for this? It is only because of overpopulation. More population means more sanitary problem as a result more germs. Thus people suffer more with diseases which automatically increases the work of doctors, medical assistants and as a result average salary of medical assistant also rises.

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