How to Treat Panic Disorder

Panic disorders can be scary for persons who are experiencing the attacks, and even those who witness them. If you are a victim, it’s very important to get immediate help as this can be one of the most humiliating and uncontrollable experiences that you ever have to deal with. Continue reading if you need information on how to treat panic disorder.

Panic attacks are mistaken often for heart disease or similar illnesses. There are even instances when persons are admitted to emergency rooms, which is not really necessary. Panic disorders are very upsetting episodes which often result from anxiety and might occur once or several times. Some of the common symptoms are quick heartbeat, diarrhea, sweating, breathlessness, nausea, faint feeling, disoriented, dizzy or light headed.

If you have panic disorder, it can be caused by severe emotional disturbance as well as mental health conditions such as depression, behavioral problems, alcohol addiction, and extreme shyness. It’s worth mentioning that depressed persons commonly attempt suicide, so this is something that you are more prone to do if you have a panic disorder. Other factors might include chronic stress or adverse side effects of certain medications.

How to Treat

Tranquilizers are used commonly to treat panic disorder, but they are hardly prescribed by doctors today because of the dependency problem. In most cases, an antidepressant or a beta blocker with a sedative effect is used for a temporary treatment. Cognitive therapy or counseling is often recommended as a long-term help to complement the beta blocker or antidepressant.

In addition, the treatment for panic attacks or disorders can involve some natural therapies which include learning techniques to breath calmly. This technique could be helpful in the middle of an attack if you focus on your breath pattern. You would try to relax your facial muscles and jaw from the moment you start to feel uneasy. You should drop your shoulders below your ears and then take full, steady breaths with even movements in and out. You can count slowly if you are finding it difficult to focus while breathing.

Another way to help calm your nerves is to drink a steaming hot cup of tea with lemon balm. This will have a tranquilizing effect on your nervous system.

Diet is often overlooked, but it also plays a crucial role in treating panic disorders. Some foods can trigger the episodes, while some can lower the chances. Foods with high amounts of Vitamin B and others from the B-complex group such as thiamine (Vitamin B1), niacin (Vitamin B3), and more can help to reduce your panic disorder symptoms.

In addition to the information above, you can get help from your health care provider if you need more suggestions on how to treat panic disorder.

Acid Reflux – Foods to Avoid

Acid reflux is when the acidic contents from the stomach flows into the food pipe or esophagus, and sometimes the mouth and throat. This usually leads to gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and heartburn. The information in the following paragraphs will highlight the acid reflux foods to avoid if you want to control or prevent this condition.


acid reflux foods to avoid


First, here are some of the acid reflux symptoms that you might experience.

Heartburn, which is a burning sensation inside the chest area, is the most common symptom that is associated with this condition. Other symptoms that people experience occasionally include a sour taste in the mouth; burning sensation in the throat; pain and difficulty while breathing and swallowing; abdominal discomforting and insomnia. If you have frequent episodes which involve any of those symptoms, you might be experiencing the onset of gastroesophageal reflux disease which requires professional medical care.

Acid Reflux Foods to Avoid

There are simple changes that you can make to your diet to help reduce the discomfort and symptoms caused by acid reflux. The foods that will prevent or alleviate the common symptoms include items with low fat content and the ones that you can digest easily. The foods which can induce or aggravate acid reflux are fried items, high fat dairy products, spicy foods, desserts, alcoholic beverages, and more.

French fries salted chips, chocolates, donuts, butter cookies, cheese, spearmint, brownies, Tabasco sauce, pepper, chillies, garlic, tomatoes, onions, deep fried meat, ground beef, wine, marbled sirloin, processed sausages, tea, liquor, milkshakes, coffee, and carbonated drinks are items to avoid or consume in moderation when you have acid reflux.

Here are some of the reasons why:

Spicy foods can irritate the lining of the esophagus, boosting the burning sensation that you will experience in the chest and throat. They might not induce the condition, but they could aggravate the symptoms.

High fat foods and fried foods are difficult to digest, so they will stay a longer time in the stomach. When this happens, the pressure will increase in the stomach to induce acid reflux.

Some general tips to help you cope with acid reflux:

  • You need to sleep on your back with your head elevated slightly.
  • The foods which trigger acid reflux can vary from one person to another, so it might be a good idea to keep a diary with the foods which cause digestive problems.
  • You should avoid going to bed right after eating dinner.

Now that you know about the acid reflux foods to avoid, you should make attempt to change your lifestyle. This includes doing simple things like exercising regularly, eating well-balanced meals, and avoiding problematic foods. In the end, you will not just get rid of acid reflux but also the mental and physical discomfort that is associated with condition.

Best Cold Sore Treatment

If you are looking for the best cold sore treatment, you are at the right place. This short article will highlight some of the effective treatment options that you can use right away.

best cold sore treatment

Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus. When you have this condition, you will notice one or more of the blister-like sores appearing on your nose or lip. These blisters will have a thick fluid and they often come together to make one big sore. At this time, there are no known cures to rid of the body of this herpes virus, but you are able to use several treatments to prevent and slow down the outbreaks.

You can consider the following options when searching for the best cold sore treatment:

Some herbs are used frequently to treat cold sores. These include garlic, peppermint, Valerian root, and sage. Most of them provide anti-viral properties which can help to speed up the healing. In addition, some contain nutrients which can boost your immune system significantly to resist viral attacks.

Echinacea is also known for dehydrating cold sores quickly and it’s a powerful herb. When taken internally, it has proven to be very effective against bacterial and virus infections.

Witch hazel will promote faster healing if used to dry out the active blisters. You can get soothing relief from the blisters if you are using essential oils such as lemon or peppermint, or the fresh Aloe Vera gel.

Ice is one of the popular treatments for cold sore. You can put ice on the infected area for around ten minutes at two hour intervals to reduce the swollen tissue and relieve the pain. You should stop the ice application when the blister is open. After that, a hot compress will aid in fast recovery.

Tea bag is also a treatment for cold sore. Get a wet tea bag and hold it on the sore area for a few minutes every two hours. You could also dry the warm tea bag and use it for a hot compress. You can do this for twenty minutes at least four times daily to help ease the symptoms.

At this point, it is important to mention that the healing will accelerates once the sores are dried up. The area should also be kept well clean and the blister must be kept as dry as possible.

Overall, the best cold sore treatment is to prevent an outbreak. It is always good to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet, as well as to exercise regularly, limit your alcohol intake, get enough rest and take good daily vitamins to boost your immune system. All of these things will help to prevent cold sores.

Treatment for Hypertension

Hypertension or high blood pressure is affecting more than sixty percent of adults today. This condition can lead to other health problems such as heart failure, stroke, kidney failure, and heart attack. The treatment for hypertension, which includes anti-hypertension medications, is usually controlled by medical doctors.

When taking medications for high blood pressure, this does not necessarily mean that the problem is under control. There are cases where the underlying cause is not addressed before the medication was prescribed. You could have hypertension suddenly after using over-the-counter drugs which include dietary supplements and/or pain or arthritis drugs. It is always a good idea to inform your doctor about any non-prescription drugs you are taking if you want to get the best treatment for your hypertension.

Treatment for Hypertension

Your doctor might prescribe medications such as anti-hypertensive or diuretic drugs for your hypertension. The anti-hypertensive drugs can help to dilate blood vessels, while the diuretics can lower the volume of your circulating blood to decrease the workload on your blood vessels and heart. You should let your doctor know if you have gained more than two pounds while using the medications.

Now, if you need medications continually you should make some changes to your general lifestyle habits. The following are some of the changes that you can make:

  • Lose some of the excess weight. You need to do physical activities for at least thirty minutes. Moderate activities such as climbing stairs, walking, and so on will help you to achieve your goals.
  • Maintain a healthy eating plan. You should add high-fiber foods, low-fat dairy foods, as well as lots of fruits and vegetables to your diet. Prepare your dishes which are low in salt and any other form of sodium. Salt should be used in moderation of 2,300mg daily, unless your doctor advised otherwise. You can use alternative garlic, onions, and spices to add flavor to your dishes.
  • If you are a smoker, you should quit. The nicotine and other compounds are not good for hypertension.
  • It is also important to lower your stress levels. Stress can cause your veins and arteries to constrict.

You can invest in a blood pressure monitor that will allow you to perform checks on your own at home. The results can be recorded in a notebook.

You should keep these things in mind if you are suffering from hypertension or high blood pressure. Just remember that most of the hypertension drugs for high blood pressure are oppressed with adverse side effects, so using the alternative methods can be very beneficial. Be sure to ask your doctor about the prescribed drugs as well as the natural or holistic treatment for hypertension.

Type 2 Diabetes Treatment

Do you know the best options for Type 2 Diabetes treatment? If not, you can find some useful information in the following article.

type 2 diabetes treatment

Type 2 Diabetes is a chronic condition that will affect the body’s ability to absorb the sugar that is meant for energy production. It generally develops when the cells start to resist the effects of insulin hormone. This hormone works to regulate the sugar levels in the cells. The body will have abnormal amounts of sugar when it is not producing the amount of insulin that is required.

There is no cure for this type of diabetes, but it is a manageable condition. It is possible to keep it under control with regular exercise and healthy eating. You can find some treatment options below if you need help to manage this condition.

Type 2 Diabetes Treatment Options

The treatment for diabetes type 2 naturally involves the lowering of high blood sugar levels. This usually happens through long-term plans which are focused on diet and exercise. If you have this condition you have to watch your weight and diet.

A diet with whole grains, vegetables, and fruits can be very beneficial. This can be enhanced further with exercises such as an aerobic workout. Several herbs such as cinnamon, ginseng, and huckleberry have proven to be good treatments for this type of diabetes.

It is important to point out that you should talk to your doctor about the type of foods and the amount that you need to consume. Diabetics are advised to eat at the same time every day and maintain a consistency with the foods they consume. If you are overweight, you should take steps to shed some pounds. You should eat a well-balanced and healthy diabetic diet in order to maintain your blood sugar levels and overall weight.

Regular exercise is also important for managing diabetes. It will help to control the levels of blood sugar without the need for medication. When exercising, you can burn off excess calories and fats in order to maintain a good weight.

In addition to dieting and exercise, your doctor might suggest insulin therapy or medications. These medications will help the body to absorb more sugar once insulin is available in order to control the blood sugar levels. If the medications are not keeping the blood glucose levels under control, you might be advised to use insulin. This would be injected in the skin.

In most cases, Type 2 Diabetes patients will not need medications if they lose the excess weight and are doing more physical activities. Your body can reverse this condition successfully if you are watching your diet and have attained the ideal body weight. On the other hand, you might have to restart the Type 2 diabetes treatment if you are not watching your diet and your blood sugar levels are allowed to remain normal.

What to Eat to Gain Weight Fast

If you are too skinny, you might be looking for way to gain weight quickly without risking your health. It is always important to nourish your body properly to stay healthy and avoid health problems. You can find some useful information in this write-up as it is giving suggestions on what to eat to gain weight fast.

what to eat to gain weight fast

Since you want to gain weight fast, you need to plan a well-balanced diet that you can follow at specific intervals. This diet should include essential foods that you have to eat in the right amounts at appropriate times. Many people believe that eating fattening foods for meals and snacks will help them to gain weight quickly, but this is not so. When you are not following a specific regimen, you can overeat and end up with health problems.

Foods to Eat to Gain Weight Fast:

Proteins: The protein rich foods are said to be the best for rapid weight gain. These items must be included in your daily diet, because your metabolism depends on them greatly. There are a number of protein sources available, both for non-vegetarians and vegetarians. The most common foods with high amounts of protein include chicken, red meats such as beef, mutton, lamb, turkey, and pork; fish such as haddock, cod, tuna, and salmon; scallops; shellfish; dairy products such as yogurt, milk, and cheese; soy products; legumes; nuts; eggs, and so on.

Fats: You need fats in your diet, about ten percent of your daily calories. Over ten percent of fat consumption will lead to excessive weight gain and put you at risk for having heart diseases. However, there are some fatty acids such as Omega-3 that is very healthy and should be included in your diet. These fatty foods include fish such as salmon, mackerel and sardines; nuts such as peanuts, pumpkin seeds, almonds, cashews, and hazelnuts, as well as oils such as walnut, olive, linseed, safflower, sesame, sunflower, and almonds.

Carbohydrates: You should consume a lot of carbohydrate, but in the right amounts to avoid health problems. They should make up around forty percent of your daily calories in order to build up the base for your muscles. Some of the carbohydrate rich foods that will help with weight gain include fruits such as grapes, avocado, apricots, apple, lemons, oranges, and all berries; vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, wheat, beans, cabbage, Brussels sprout, radish, asparagus, beets, tomatoes, spinach, cauliflower, onions, etc., and grains such as brown rice, sugar-free granola, and whole wheat.

Now that you know what to eat to gain weight fast, you can take the necessary steps to achieve your goal. If you consume all of these healthy food items in the right quantity, you can increase your body weight without experiencing any health problem.

Treatment for Sciatica Pain

Are you looking for the best treatment for sciatica pain? Many people are affected by this condition each year, so it’s important to know about the correct treatments.

treatment for sciatica pain

Sciatica can be described as a condition that will affect the sciatic nerve, which is the longest in the body. This nerve controls the lower back, knees, and feet. You might be affected by this condition if you are feeling any tingling, numbness, or pain in those areas. Some of the best sciatica treatments include stretches, yoga, muscle balance therapy, and exercises. The following will help you to find the best treatment for you.

Stretching and exercising will be the best treatment if you are among the many people who are suffering from sciatic nerve pain and you are still able to work, walk, and perform different types of activities. Many doctors are recommending that people should stay active to cope with the associated pain. If you can do this, your body will be more stable and your condition can be treated. Some exercises, including the McKenzie exercises, can help to give good relief for any pain that you might be experiencing. In addition, simple abdominal stretches or crunches can help to alleviate the sciatic pain.

Muscle imbalances almost always cause sciatica. Muscle imbalances can cause pressure on your spinal joints, spinal discs or sciatic nerve, so you have to fix this problem to get long-term relief from the pain. Nearly all the effective treatment for sciatica pain focuses on correcting muscle imbalances, so it’s entirely possible to identify any imbalances which might be triggering your pain. When this happens, it will be easy for you to correct them effectively at home.

Yoga is recommended for people who are suffering from severe sciatica pain and they are finding it difficult to walk or get out of bed. If you are experiencing this type of pain, the exercises and stretches will have little or no effect on your body because you are not able stand or walk. Yoga can help to relieve your pain through light stretching, simple meditation, and light movements.

At this point, it’s worth mentioning that the regular medications such as anti-inflammatory drugs and pain killers will not be a cure if you’re suffering from sciatica pain. These medications might provide some temporary relief from the pain. What you need to understand here is that sciatica condition is not affecting you because of lack of medicine, so medication won’t correct any imbalance that is causing the pain.

It is very important to find the right treatment for sciatica pain as soon as possible. You can recover a lot faster if you are doing things like yoga, exercises and stretching. Choose a program that will help you to stay motivated during the process as well as suit your needs.

Tennis Elbow Stretches

Tennis elbow is an injury that many people experience, especially when they take part in active sports. It’s a common joint disorder that comes with discomfort, swelling and unbearable pain. There are several treatments available to help reduce the symptoms. This includes tennis elbow stretches which are said to be very useful in strengthening the forearm muscles and speeding up the recovery process.

tennis elbow stretches

There are stretching exercises which have proven to be helpful for tennis elbow as they increase flexibility and mobility. They establish a complete range of motion and alignment while repairing tissue, in addition to aiding in preventing further damage. If you are feeling pain while performing these stretches, this would indicate that healing is not completed and you need to rest.

These are some of the tennis elbow stretches that you can do:

Exercise one: Stretch your extensor muscles to extend your wrist. To do this, you would straighten the arm completely with your palm facing down and then push downwards. When you do this, the muscles will stretch from the upper area of the forearm.

Exercise two: Strengthen the wrist through the flexor muscles. Hold an object with your palm facing upwards and then bend your wrist upward. This can be done for two seconds before lowering your wrist slowly.

Exercise three: Strengthen the wrist through the extensor muscles. Hold an object with your palm facing down and move your wrist upward for two seconds. After that, you can lower your wrist slowly.

Exercise four: Stretch the flexor muscles to flex the wrist. Straighten your arm completely with palm facing upwards and then push down. Note that strengthening exercises will help the stretches to be more effective. Sit in a chair with armrests and place your elbow on the arms while hanging your wrist over the edge. A lightweight object, like a soft drink can, will be helpful when you are performing these strengthening exercises. You can do these exercises for thirty to fifty times two times daily.

Exercise five: Twist the wrist to strengthen the muscles. Hold an object with your thumb faced upwards and twist your wrist in and out as far as you possibly can. Do this daily up to fifty times for two seconds.

Exercise six: Move the wrist from side to side to strengthen the muscles. Hold an object with your thumb faced upwards, and then move your wrist upwards and downwards. Move your wrist to the sides if your thumb is faced sideways.

When you are finished doing your tennis elbow stretches and strengthening exercises, you can use your fingers to massage the area for five minutes. It is important to note that you should only do the exercises once the injury improves and the healing is complete. You should also do the appropriate and proper stretching whilst maintaining accurate form. Doing well-rounded stretching daily will be crucial for your full recovery.

Natural Remedies for Heartburn

Many people suffer from heartburn today. Some struggle with the chronic case, while others only experience it on occasion after eating or drinking a little too much. If you have this condition, you should know that you can cure it naturally without making significant changes to your lifestyle. You can find some of the natural remedies for heartburn below.


natural remedies for heartburn


Heartburn is not really a disease or a serious syndrome and it is not connected to a heart condition even though it’s called heartburn. It is actually a digestive system problem that can be mild or severe as well as very annoying and irritating. This condition is the burning sensation that acid causes in our stomachs when it is entering the esophagus. Persons normally experience this after eating certain foods like spicy meals or even chocolate. If you are experiencing symptoms such as burping, flatulence, bloating and belching, this means that you have heartburn.

Natural Remedies for Heartburn

These are some easy and effective remedies that you can use to cure heartburn naturally.

First of all, you need to change your lifestyle and dietary habits because they are having a big impact on your digestive system.

For your diet, you can remove the highly acidic food items such as fatty and fried food, unripe fruits, tomatoes, gooseberries, citrus fruits, vinegar, acidic pickles and tomato sauces from your diet.

For your lifestyle changes, doing things like quitting smoking; not drinking alcohol; not lying down two to three hours after eating; not wearing tight clothes especially around your waist; losing excess weight and raising your bed head four to eight inches when experiencing the symptoms at night will help you to get rid of heartburn by natural means.

Here are some other important things that can help to cure your heartburn:

Fennel seed is an effective natural cure for heartburn. When using as a treatment, you can add one or two teaspoons of the fennel seeds to eight ounces of water to make a tea. You will get some relief after drink this tea.

Rhubarb is also used by many and it has proven to be a good cure for heartburn. Chewing on a piece of rhubarb can give you relief almost instantly.

Peppermint is said to be the most helpful cure because it has a soothing and calming effect. Peppermint oil can provide relief from not just heartburn, but other related problems.

Unlike most of the heartburn drugs in the market today, these natural remedies can treat the symptoms and the underlying problem. What’s more, these natural remedies for heartburn are far more effective and much less expensive.

Foods to Avoid for Acne

Are you looking for easy ways to avoid skin acne? In most cases, a diet with good nutrition will offer an inexpensive solution for you to avoid skin problems, including acne. This article will give you some information on foods to avoid acne.


foods to avoid for acne


When you want your skin to maintain its natural beauty, the foods that you eat will be more important than the items that you apply. If you are not maintaining a well-balanced diet, you will not get any results from the expensive skin care products. An acne free diet is the key to maintaining a healthy looking skin. The following are some of the foods to include in your diet to avoid acne:

High fiber foods: Toxins can accumulate in the body and cause acne as well as other skin problems if your foods are not digested properly. The foods with a lot of fiber can improve your digestive function and regulate your bowel movements to help prevent acne problems. These include foods such as broccoli, artichoke, carrot, Brussels sprouts, oranges, apples, bananas, dried figs, pears, almonds, whole wheat bread, brown rice and oatmeal.

Foods rich in Omega-3: It is essential to eat foods with high amounts of Omega-3 to maintain a healthy skin. The Omega-3s are really healthy fats and your skin can become dry and more prone to acne if you are not getting enough. You can get your skin to maintain a youthful glow by eating Omega-3 foods such as walnuts, salmon, raw tofu, soybeans and flaxseeds.

Foods rich in Zinc: Studies show that persons with acne problems have lower zinc levels. This means that a deficiency of zinc can cause healthy individuals to have skin lesions. For acne prevention, you can add zinc rich foods to your diet. These foods include lamb, roasted pumpkin seeds, peanuts, and roasted low-fat beef.

Foods rich in antioxidants: Whether you want to get rid of blemishes or have healthy glowing skin, you will not be disappointed if you eat antioxidant rich foods to avoid acne. Antioxidants are actually substances which prevents free radicals from causing damage to the skin. Foods with a lot of lycopene antioxidant are especially useful. These include watermelon, tomatoes, and pink grapefruit.

Plenty water: It is very important for you to drink adequate amounts of water daily, just as you would have nutritious foods to maintain a healthy skin. Drinking sufficient water will detoxify the body and help you to maintain a healthy-looking complexion.

In addition to knowing about the foods to avoid acne, you should be aware of the ones to remove from your diet such as fried foods. You are less likely to have skin problems if you are eating fried foods in moderation occasionally, but excessive amounts can be damaging. The same goes for processed foods, soft drinks and high-sugar food. All of these items will worsen existing skin problems and increase your risk of having acne breakouts.